UAFP 2022 Congress of Delegate Election Results

Congratulations to our new delegates!


Theadora Sakata, MD
AAFP Delegate

"Changing healthcare for the better requires aligned frameworks to let family physicians do their jobs. As a Utah delegate to the AAFP COD, I plan to work towards resolutions that strengthen our ability be the family docs we want to be: patient-centered, community-minded, and free of undue burdens. I have specific interests in quality improvement and implementation science, currently in implementing artificial intelligence in healthcare to get something helpful (like JARVIS) and avoid something evil (like Skynet). We need to plan for the future; and strong, forward-thinking representation for my fellow Utah family physicians at COD is something that I can provide."

About Dr. Sakata:

Theadora Sakata, MD, works for Intermountain in the urgent care and Workmed settings. Originally from Northern California, she trained in Family Medicine at the University of Utah and has happily embraced the Beehive State as home. She credits much of her outlook on the world to three factors: her family, her college major in environmental science and public policy, and having lived in all four time zones along Interstate 80. Her favorite quote when thinking about complex systems is, “The scale of the question must fit the answer” (Richard Levins, Professor Emeritus of Population Science, Harvard School of Public Health). She is interested in improving health care delivery systems and the integral role family medicine has in doing so. When not practicing medicine, Thea enjoys skiing, fishing, archery, and striving to make her farming ancestors proud by demanding vegetables from the clastic soils of Cottonwood Heights.

David Cope

David Cope, MD, FAAFP
AAFP Alternate Delegate

"Having practiced family medicine for several years, I've been deeply aware of and concerned about the profound importance the AAFP has in the real every day life of the practicing Family Physician. Having a voice in the direction of OUR Academy, representing the Utah Chapter and the Family Physicians of Utah would be a true honor and privilege."

About Dr. Cope:

Dr. Cope completed his medical school training at the University Of Nevada School Of Medicine and his residency at the University of Utah affiliated Hospitals.  He has been in practice in Bountiful since that time.  Dr. Cope has had a wonderful and fulfilling full-scope Family Medicine practice.  This has included hospital medicine and obstetrics.  The introduction of hospitalists was a big change in his practice.  Only last year, did he stop delivering babies.  He started and maintained his own private practice for 25 years.  As his practice grew to 10 providers and administrative time demands exceeded the time he desired to spend away from his clinical practice, he merged with Ogden Clinic almost six years ago.

Dr. Cope has had a special interest in vaccines and vaccine hesitancy.  He completed the AAFP sponsored Vaccine Science fellowship in 2018 and works arduously to promote vaccines in his practice and in the state.   



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