Medicare Contractor Advisory Committee (updated June 12, 2017)

Lumbar MRI
MolDX AlloSure Donor Derived Cell Free DNA Test
MolDX EndoPredict Breast Cancer Gene Expression Test
MolDX Foodborne Gastrointestinal Panels (NAATs)
MolDX Multiplex Nucleic Acid Amplified Tests for Respiratory Viral Panel
MolDX Oncotype DX Genomic Prostate Score
MolDX Prometheus IBD sgi Diagnostic Policy
Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC)
MRI and CT Scans of the Head and Neck
Noninvasive Extracranial Arterial Studies
Noninvasive Peripheral Venous Studies
Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
Pulmonary Function Testing
Respiratory Care (Respiratory Therapy)
Allergy Testing
Chiropractic Services
Duplex Scan of Lower Extremity Arteries


Rural Physician Loan Repayment Programs

The UAFP is excited to be a source of information and resource for medical school loan repayment programs at the state and federal level.  Visit our Member Resources page for more information and updates.


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