Congress of Delegates Day 4

By Sarah Woolsey, UAFP Alternate Delegate

Gratitude and Inspiration

The final day of Congress! Our delegates voted, awards were announced for outstanding contributors to the field, and once again, the body of this AAFP Congress has come together with a course for the certain future that is meaningful, inclusive, and directed to health for ALL.

The AAFP Congress of Delegates is powerful. Even after being a family physician for the last 22 years and coming to this thing many times…I am always newly delighted and surprised with the eloquent, committed people that make up our field. I am in the right place as a family physician and part of the Utah community.

Our Utah delegates are fine leaders, Kirsten Stoesser represented us in a discussion of new ways to renumerate primary care (family physicians) for their committent to the health of all, and loyaly served with the Credentials Committee. As a residency director and creator of the future of family medicine, she has our back. Jesse Spencer (@jessenspencer) made sure we were never without a laugh, and not lost as we left the hotel, and brings his wisdom and reality check as a rural Utah physician. Chad Spain (@chadspain7) continues as a rational voice for Utah and presented our resolution to make sure the AAFP improves CME advertising for us and for all. He did a great job. Maryann is our new, wise, energetic ED. She has almost been with UAFP 1 year, and we are so lucky to have her at our helm. She is an intentional person and we are fortunate she has taken forwarding our field. Thank you all. It is an honor to serve with you.

Last I get to share that the coolest people are our AAFP newly elected leaders. Dr. LeRoy (@aafpprez) was inducted and with his charisma and caring way made us all feel like he is our friend (he may rival Mr. Rogers). Dr. Ada D. Stewart (@AdaStewartMD1) is the President Elect. She shared she has come from AAFP’s NCCL (said  “nickel”) to the top spot. She was raised in a housing project in Cleveland, Ohio, was a National Health Service Corps Scholar in a community health center in rural South Carolina and is a Col. In the United States Army Reserve. We are thrilled to have her as our newest face and our voice.

left to right: Dr. Gary LeRoy, newly installed AAFP President, and Dr. Ada Stewart, AAFP President-elect

We are AFFP and we are diverse, well-spoken, from all over the United States.

This is going to be a fantastic year to watch the @AAFP.

Come get involved, join a committee, run for office, come be a delegate, let this organization forward what is important to you. Thanks for letting us represent.

Lastly, to make it easy for those of you that like twitter….consider following these new leaders if you want to hear it from the source of our leadership.

Sincerely, Sarah Woolsey


Margaret Miller, Student Board Member, TN


Brent Sugimoto, New Physician Board Member, CA


Kelly Thibert, Resident Board Member, KS


Andrew Carroll, Board Member, AZ


Steven Furr, Board Member, AL


Margaret Savory, Board Member, DE