COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

The COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer has started to find its way into the arms of physicians in Utah and around the country and the Moderna vaccine is not far behind. You likely saw news coverage and social media posts of some of your colleagues who work with the larger healthcare providers receiving their first of two doses last week.

And this is great news! But this news has also left some private practice physicians wondering how and when they will be able to receive the vaccine, particularly those who work in more rural areas.

If you are a private practice physician who practices along with Wasatch Front and you have privileges at one of the major hospitals, there is a good chance you either have already received your vaccine or will soon. But you may also be getting questions from your staff about when they will be able to receive a vaccine.

We had hoped to compile some clear-cut guidance on how/when all family physicians and their staff will receive their vaccine – but have found that, sadly, that does not exist – yet. As we know nine months into this pandemic, that everything COVID-related moves fast and is constantly in flux. UDOH is working with local area health departments to distribute vaccines for healthcare providers including private practice physicians, their patient-facing staff, and other healthcare providers such those working in the dental field. The timing of the first vaccines arriving during the last two weeks of December makes things even trickier.

What is certain, however, is that the state and local health departments are diligently working to store and distribute vaccines based on CDC recommended guidelines over the next several months. We at UAFP will continue to track the progress of vaccine distribution and provide regular updates through our website and our Weekly Beat.

Please check our COVID-19 Vaccine Information page for regular updates.