2020 Student & Resident Poster Session Results


First Place

PrEPare for your Future: Harnessing popular education to empower Latinx on infectious disease prevention

by Jason Chen, Yehemy Zavala, Brenda Sanchez, University of Utah School of Medicine, Comunidades Unidas

Second Place

BMI & Body Fat Changes in Medical Students

Marcus Oliver, M.Christian Whittier, W. Robert Whittier, Eryn Reager, Ben Robbins, Steven Howell, Blake Christensen, Daniel Hansen, Bryan Daines, Nathan Balkman, Isain Zapata, PHD., Dale Woodbury, PhD.

Third Place

Evaluation of the Likelihood of Specific Press Ganey Outpatient Medical Practice Survey Questions to Receive a Perfect Score in Family Medicine

Andrew R. Stephens BS, Jared W. Potter BS, Jason Garry BS, Andrew R. Tyser MD, Nikolas H. Kazmers MD MSE

Honorable Mention

Drivers of Rural Health in the US and Africa

Winston Plunkett, MD

Honorable Mention

Impact of medical school elective health behaviors pathway

Raquel Reisinger, Karl Heward, Tricia Petzold MD, Rebecca Zingg DO, Amy Locke MD.


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