Under the oversight of the Board of Directors, the Utah Academy of Family Physicians Legislative Committee is tasked with shaping and developing the legislative and advocacy priorities and activities of the Academy.  The Legislative Committee maintains financial and administrative oversight of the Utah Fam Med PAC, a registered political action committee in the state of Utah.  The Executive Director of the Utah Academy of Family Physicians (a 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation) also acts as the primary lobbyist and reporting agent for the PAC.

The Legislative Committee is comprised of UAFP members and is headed by a Chair or Co-Chairs who serve one-year terms and may serve consecutive terms as preferred, provided he/she/they has/have the continued support of the UAFP Board of Directors.

The activities of the Legislative Committee and PAC are executed by the Executive Director at the express direction of the Committee and its Chair(s).  All committee members and chair(s) must act and make decisions understood to be in the best interest of UAFP members and to the practice of family medicine in the state of Utah.

Please visit our Advocacy page to learn more about the activity of the UAFP Legislative Committee.  Click HERE to learn more!