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Mental Healthcare Delivery Resources

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Utah Million Hearts Coalition

Utah Million Hearts website has resources for patient and staff training, webinars on hypertension guidelines connected to continuing education credits, and Excellence in Blood Pressure Measurement Awards tied to cash incentives.

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Strengthening Knowledge and Understanding of Dietary Supplements
From the National Institutes of Health: Office of Dietary Supplements

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New Chronic Pain Management Toolkit and FREE Chronic Opioid Therapy CME for Academy members only

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Rural Physician Loan Repayment

The Rural Physician Loan Repayment Program is now open and available for interested physicians and hospitals. Status is contingent on the implementation of the rule, submitted to the Department of Administrative Rules on 8/24/2015.

Please read and understand that funds will be matched based on the contracts signed between hospital and qualifying physician, as well as the application submitted by the physician. It is required that the physician’s hospital submit verification of a contract with the physician detailing the funds that will be matched.

Rural Physician Loan Repayment Program Law – Click HERE

Rural Physician Loan Repayment Program Rule – Click HERE

OPCRH Physician Loan Repayment Application – Click HERE

More information regarding loan repayment details available in Utah:

From the Director of Family Health and Preparedness at the UDOH:  Physicians in any county with less than 50,000 population is eligible for this program.  This is only for physicians who have been at their site for less than one year and who have an agreement (contract) with the local hospital to match the state’s loan repayment dollars.  The application requires that the contract with the hospital for their share of loan repayment be provided.

We are also getting closer to having our Workforce Financial Assistance program going again which will support primary care providers in any under-served setting with loan repayment. Again, since this is a recruitment program, the provider cannot have been at the site for more than a year prior to applying.  This program requires an application from the provider and one from the site.  The site application is reviewed to assure that it is a medically under-served area and the provider application is reviewed to assure that individual is fully qualified.

Contract Review and Negotiation

Utah attorney, Michael D. Blackburn is committed to a healthier Utah and supports Family Medicine physicians by offering employment contract review for only $100. This resource is critical for new physicians starting in the workforce. Contact info can be found HERE

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