In Utah, there are a few opportunities we want to share. As many of you may be tracking, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) sponsored by CMS, the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) are developing across the US. Since 2012, practices have been joining Medicare Shared Savings ACOs and increasing numbers of opportunities to do so are emerging for our practices.

In Utah, the Granger Medical and Revere Health organizations are currently participating each in their own MSSP ACOs and showing their strengths as independent care delivery organizations. We applaud their innovation and attention to caring for Utahns.

As you also may be aware, the Utah Medical Association has associated with the Physicians Accountable Care Solutions ACO – PACS, a multi state organization MSSP ACO, allowing their members to join. The UMA’s Utah Physicians’ Quality Care (UPQC) is committed to supporting independent physician practices in our state.

Another multi-state organization MSSP ACO, Aledade has recently shown interest in Utah practices and offers participation in their program for independent practices. This organization is working in 11 states and has a local structure that will include medical leadership from Utah. The Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians has chosen to formally affiliate with this group, incidentally and Jennifer has been in touch with them to assess their experience.

Finally, as part of the MACRA legislation, in September 2015, CMS funded support for small, rural, and underserved practices to move closer to thriving under new payment models. In Utah, the National Rural Accountable Care Consortium (NRACC) is looking to enroll Utah practices, in their training and support program, that will ready practices for the new Medicare payment incentives/adjustments coming in the next 3 years. This program includes participant RN telephonic support and money for travel for training staff.

Additionally, the AAFP has a number of tools for you to use to assess your readiness and interest in a MSSP ACO. They have three decision maps on areas critical to ACO success.

AAFP contacts and links

Governance and Related Issues

Data Management

Impacts on Your Practice

Phone: (800) 274-2237


We highly recommend these tools as you consider your position at this time. The UAFP wants to ensure that Utah Family Physicians are aware of these opportunities and accesses to programs that provide maximum benefit to thriving family medicine across the state.

If you are interested in more information or have questions, please contact

Sarah Woolsey,

Jennifer Dailey,

For information on the NRACC Rural TCPI, please contact our local CMS Quality Improvement Organization, Sharon Donnelly,