The Utah Family Medicine Consortium (UFMC) is a collaboration of the four Utah Family Medicine residency programs and community partners. Our goal is to enhance access to high-quality primary care in Utah by addressing physician recruitment and the pipeline of family doctors to the state. Currently Utah ranks 45th in the nation for number of primary care physicians per 100,000 citizens – this is bad for all Utahns. We know that the best way to keep Utahns healthy is through comprehensive primary care, delivering effective, cost-efficient preventive care as well as continuity of care for all health conditions and maladies. Only health care providers trained in the specialty of Family Medicine are equipped to provide continuous care across the entire spectrum of health, including chronic and acute illnesses of all kinds.

Ensuring an increase in access to Family Medicine physicians in Utah is one very important way to improve the health of our citizens, as well as to decrease the high costs of healthcare in our society.

Members of the UFMC:
McKay-Dee Family Medicine Residency: Dr. Gregory Gochnour
St. Mark’s Family Medicine Residency: Dr. Richard Allen
University of Utah Family Medicine Residency: Dr. Sonja Van Hala
Utah Valley Family Medicine Residency: Dr. Robert Mehl
University of Utah School of Medicine: Dr. Benjamin Chan
Utah Medical Education Council: Richard Campbell
Utah AHEC: Izzi Alder
Utah Academy of Family Physicians: Jennifer Dailey-Provost
U of U Medical Students: Pete M. Sundwall and Tyson Schwab