Utah Represents! Notes from National Conference

Last week was the AAFP Student and Resident National Conference in Kansas City. Students come from all over the United States to meet with and learn about residency programs prior to the match. This is a really important conference that helps attract top students to come to Utah for residency and then stay to work as family physicians.

Each year we sponsor and provide funds for a student and resident delegate to the National Conference Congress. This year’s delegates were Austin White, a student at Rocky Vista Osteopathic College of Medicine, and our resident delegate was Dr. Jordan Rawlings from the Utah Valley Family Medicine Residency. We also provide stipends that help our Utah students afford to attend, providing eight student scholarships this year. As we work to increase our Foundation funding, we hope to keep growing the number of students we can help attend. 

We’ve really upped our game and have been creating a cohesive and collaborative presentation of the four Utah residencies with banners that showcase the beauty of our state and fun activities to engage students.

Would you consider helping our efforts to support more students and residents who chose family medicine? For our 75th Anniversary this year, we hope to raise $7500 so that we can send more students and residents to local and national events, provide more networking events to young students and physicians, and support those traditionally underrepresented in medicine. A donation of even $7.50 or $75 would help a great deal! Thank you!