UAFP and UAFP Foundation are committed to investing in the future of family medicine and providing the tools, resources, and opportunities medical students and family medicine residents need to succeed in their family medicine journey.

Information and Opportunities for Medical Students


AAFP Resources for Med Students

AAFP has created a comprehensive list of resources for medical students including:

  • Help Determining if Family Medicine is Right for You
  • Managing Medical School Debt
  • Succeeding in Medical School
  • Understanding the Residency Process

Utah Family Medicine Residency Descriptions and Contact Info

Utah is home to four family medicine residencies - all excellently qualified to prepare new physicians for their medical careers. If you are interested in continuing your medical education in Utah, click below to learn what unique programs each residency has to offer and how to contact each for more information.

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AAFP National Conference

August 1 - 3, 2024

Whether it be a home, a prosperous career, or a brighter future, building something great takes sturdy connections and a strong foundation. You’re at a point in your life where you can build in any direction you want, anything you envision. What you do now sets you up for success early and throughout your entire career.

UAFP offers scholarships to students and residents attending National Conference to help offset some of the costs. We will announce the application dates in Spring 2024.


Student Loan Repayment Programs

Doctors graduating from medical school can be saddled with several thousand dollars in student loan debt which can take several years - or decades - to pay off. There are several service-based programs that can help new physicians pay off a portion of or refinance their debt. There are many programs students in medical school can consider as they explore career options.

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UAFP Student & Resident Outreach Committee

Utah is home to two medical schools and four family medicine residencies. The UAFP Student & Resident Outreach Committee is made up of representatives from each medical school's family medicine interest group and each family medicine residency. All committee members are also non-voting members of the UAFP Board of Directors. Learn more about the 2021/22 committee members and how you can join this committee and the UAFP Board.

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Pathways to Practice

Whether you are a medical student, current resident, or attending physicians looking for a refresher: Pathways to Practice: Personal Finance and Employment Contracts for Students and Residents can provide valuable career tips for new physicians managing, managing personal finance, and important tips for negotiating employment contracts.

This self-study content also provides a chance for current students and residents to receive a FREE personal finance course or contract review! Click the button below to learn more.


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