Student & Resident Outreach Committee


Utah is home to two medical schools and four family medicine residencies. The UAFP Student & Resident Outreach Committee is made up of representatives from each medical school's family medicine interest group and each family medicine residency.

The purpose of the Student & Resident Outreach Committee:

  • To promote family medicine to their colleagues and to the community
  • Provide networking opportunities for students and residents interested in and currently practicing family medicine
  • Advise on and help coordinate events for students and residents
  • Promote UAFP activities to fellow students and residents
  • One representative from each family medicine residency and each family medicine interest group also serve as non-voting members of the UAFP Board of Directors

If you are interested in contacting one of our representatives or serving on this committee in the future, please contact us for more information.


McKay Dee Family Medicine Residency

3W1A0709 - Andrew Steinicke

B. Andrew Steinicke , DO

Medical School: Rocky Vista University - Southern Utah

Hometown: Kaysville, UT

Best thing about Utah? The people 

Favorite way to de-stress: Spending time with my wife

Fun fact: I love basketball, reading, and watercolor painting

Why family medicine? One thing I love about family medicine is its broad scope. A couple of my medical areas of interest include sports medicine and behavioral health.

St. Mark's Family Medicine Residency

Son Trung Nguyen Skyler 06.2020 - SKY 8

Skyler Nguyen, MD

Medical School: University of Utah School of Medicine

Hometown: Saigon, Vietnam 

Best thing about Utah? Scenery

Favorite way to de-stress: Playing tennis and travel

Fun fact: I was on a TV gameshow as a kid and actually won a prize!

Why family medicine? The people, the relationships, and the broad spectrum medicine one gets to practice.

University of Utah Family Medicine Residency

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 2.16.06 PM - Anita Albanese

Anita Michelle Abanese, MD

Medical School: Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at University of Nevada Las Vegas

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Best thing about Utah? I love the variety of events that take place all seasons including various festivals that showcase the many cultures in SLC and, of course, the nature.

Favorite way to de-stress: I am a big foodie, traveler, and concert goer. Anytime I have free time, I love to spend time with my friends and family sharing a meal, traveling, or attending a music event. On a more low key night, I love binge watching shows from various streaming services.

Fun fact: My favorite thing to do is bring people together wether it be a themed event, being the champion of "Foodie Friday," or being captain of our residency kickball team.

Why family medicine? I joined Family Medicine due to the opportunity to engage in full-spectrum family medicine in an urban underserved environment including obstetrics, women’s health, transgender care, LGBTQ+ health, adolescent medicine, geriatrics, Latino health, healthcare policy, research, and medical education.

Utah Valley Family Medicine Residency


Jessica Fullmer, MD


Rocky Vista University -SU School of Medicine

LRM_EXPORT_995940502808358_20190921_153844019 - nick bogee

Nick Longe

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Best thing about Utah? The fact that so many amazing places - national parks, mountains, desert - are so easily accessible.

Favorite way to de-stress: Spending time in the mountains whether it's skiing, mountain biking, or hiking.

Fun fact: I love woodworking and building furniture. Some of the hand tools I use were my great grandfather's.

Why family medicine? I love the lasting relationship family physicians have with their patients and the fact that it helps them treat multiple aspects of their patients' lives. I also like the diversity of the problems family physicians get to treat, having to be knowledgeable and skilled in many different aspects of medicine.

Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine

cookie cake selfie - Elizabeth Turner

Elizabeth Turner

Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA

Best thing about Utah? Utah is the place where I have been able to live my best life. The state license-plate slogan, “life elevated,” goes beyond its renowned snow-covered mountains. With its beautiful landscapes and booming industry, I believe Utah is an environment that promotes an aspirational lifestyle. Its a place where there is room for growth and improvement in all aspects of life.

Favorite way to de-stress: It sounds nerdy, but I have always loved video games. A few rounds of Mario Kart or Fortnite at the end of a long day quickly lightens my mood.

Fun fact: If my house were on fire and I could only save one thing (other than my dogs), it would be my cookbook collection. I'm borderline obsessed with baking and am well-known amongst my med school peers for my treats. Whenever I get the chance, I study my cookbooks, envisioning the next cake flavor profile or cookie variation I will concoct next.

Why family medicine? When I ask myself, "what do you want to accomplish as a physician?" I think of being someone who provides the foundation for people to live their healthiest lives. I want to empower patients to be proactive in their health. As a family medicine specialist, I would be able to do just that.

University of Utah School of Medicine


Elliot Nielson


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