The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) has been monetized.

As of September 1st, 2020, caregivers will no longer be permitted to administer the MoCA without having first completed the official MoCA ™ certification process.*

The certification process takes about an hour, costs $125 for individuals and is good for two years. Currently, MoCA ™ recommends recertification at the 2 years mark at 50% of the original cost but is not requiring it.

*Exceptions: neuropsychologists do not have to complete the training; nor do students, residents, fellows and other trainees if under the supervision of already trained staff.

Options to Consider:

  • Continue to administer the MoCA  by completing your individual certification
    • If you wish to continue using the MoCA, you must complete the certification process which can be accessed at .
  • Continue to administer the MoCA in your clinic by having 2-3 staff members get certified
    • If most of the providers in your clinic wish to continue using the MoCA, consider the option of having 2-3 staff members, such as care guides and MAs, get trained to administer the MoCA to patients in your clinic.
    • This likely will also require changes in work flow, but can be an efficient and effective way to provide cognitive assessments for your patients.
  • Switching to the SLUMS
    • The SLUMS (St. Louis University Mental Status exam) is a reasonably good alternative to the MoCA and remains FREE of charge.

Education for SLUMs

  • Training on how to administer the SLUMs is available in these short videos:

·       From SLUMS:

·       From Act on Alzheimers



You can also access the SLUMS at the following website: