Member of the Week: Dr. Sarah Woolsey

Practice: I am currently a medical director for the Association of Utah Community Health (AUCH), a non-profit support organization for the 14 community health center (CHC) systems across the state CHCs care for underserved and vulnerable populations. I lead quality initiatives, participate in advocacy for the primary care access provided by AUCH members. I am also part-time medical director for the state Health Clinic of Utah located in Rose Park.

Residency: University of Utah

Have you completed any additional fellowships or training? MPH at University of Utah where I focused on chronic disease prevention and management, particularly evidence-based hypertension care.

A bit about Dr. Woolsey: Born and raised in middle Illinois, I had my first family medicine experience during the summer after my fist year of med school at University of Illinois. I was sponsored by the Illinois Academy to shadow a great group of small town family docs in Galesburg, Ill. My first day I rounded with the family docs at the hospital where my dad was born and scrubbed in with my teacher as he assisted the general surgeon with a rupturing AAA. It was wild! I was a nerdy, sporty kid. Swim team was my favorite. Got to Utah in a couple’s match with my then boyfriend (now husband) Mike Rubin who is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Utah.

What keeps you passionate about family medicine? It is never boring, we see all kinds of patients, develop a working knowledge of a multitude of conditions and we are trained to see people as parts of families and as whole beings

What do you wish you’d known when graduating from med school? That it was all totally worth it, the work, the delayed gratification, the long nights, the cellular reorganization into a family doc, worth it.

Where will we find you on your day off? Road biking the Wasatch, cooking up jam, or on an adventure with my husband, Mike.

What are you…
watching right now: Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
reading right now: My Promised Land by Ari Shavit
listening to right now: The tinkle of the fountain in my garden