AAFP Congress of Delegates – Day 4

The last day of the Congress of Delegates started off with delegates voting for a new president-elect. While awaiting the results of this vote, the Congress dealt with the remaining resolutions. We heard mostly supportive testimony for the resolutions our chapter had proposed asking the AAFP to advocate for hospitals to grant trained family physicians privileges to perform deliveries, and for adequate obstetrical training in residencies. We were glad to see these resolutions pass and to have support for an issue we all felt passionate about, recognizing that all family physicians need to be competent in the care of the pregnant patient even if they do not provide prenatal care.

After a lighter interchange of jokes from the speakers (known for their eyeroll-inducing dad jokes) and Congress members, Dr. Steven Furr recognized outgoing president Dr. Tochi Iroku-Malize for her service and gave a speech to the Congress accepting his new role as president. Election results were revealed and we welcomed Dr. Jenn Brull as the new president-elect. Being new to this process, I was initially confused that we were electing a new president who would not begin this position for a year. Now I understand that this allows for an easier transition to their role as president (otherwise they may have to abruptly make significant changes to their clinical practice to accommodate their new duties). In addition it is an effective way to ensure that the incoming president is up to speed with the current issues and the inner workings of the AAFP. Once done with their one-year term, they then go on to serve on the Board of Directors for another year.

We adjourned our session and many members made their way to FMX, looking forward to connecting with other family docs, learning from experts in various fields, and exploring the windy city a bit before heading home.