Children’s Hearing Aid Program (CHAP)

Children learn so much by hearing.  Early growth of the brain in the first few years of life cannot be made up later.  To develop the auditory part of the brain and spoken language, a child must hear his or her best all day long, every day.

The Joint Commission on Infant Hearing and the Utah Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (EHDI) Program feel that a child and his family should have access to high-quality hearing aids as soon as the diagnosis of hearing loss is made.

The Utah Department of Health Children’s Hearing Aid Program was created to help families in need receive early access to hearing aids for their children.

Qualifying children must:

  • be a resident of Utah
  • be diagnosed by an audiologist with pediatric expertise as having hearing loss and in need of hearing aids
  • have their hearing loss medically cleared by a physician
  • be younger than six years old
  • be ineligible to receive a hearing aid through Utah’s Medicaid program
  • not have insurance coverage for hearing aids
  • meet the financial need criteria established for participation in the program (currently up to 300% of Federal Poverty Guidelines.

CHAP covers one hearing aid per ear, either traditional behind-the-ear or soft band bone-conduction, as well as three years of earmolds and hearing aid follow-up visits.

For more information, visit, call (801) 273-6600, or email

Jude, CHAP Recipient, wearing a traditional behind-the-ear hearing aid.
Emily, CHAP Recipient, wearing a softband bond-conduction hearing aid.