Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Screening and Management Learning Collaborative

Comagine Health is currently recruiting clinics/providers for a chronic kidney disease learning collaborative. Comagine Health is a portfolio program sponsor through ABMS and they are offering MOC Part 4 certification for providers who participate in this QI project. This intervention will also help clinics meet the 2023 performance period CMS measure 951v1 Kidney Health Evaluation (

The CKD Collaborative will run from Dec. 2023 – July 2024.  They will be focusing on helping clinics/providers develop a workflow for identifying the target patient population (patients with diabetes) to make sure they are screened with an eGFR and UACR. In they work with other clinics, they have found that these tests often get ordered, but not evaluated, and patients are not diagnosed, because the eGFR is buried within the BMP or CMP. Lab companies can develop a custom kidney profile test that is the eGFR and UACR together, which makes evaluation of the results faster and easier for the provider. Helping clinics work with their lab to implement a kidney profile test is part of the collaborative, they will also cover managing CKD Stage 1-3 in a primary care setting and best practices for working with a nephrologist to comanage patients with CKD.

Clinics will be asked to pull baseline data at the beginning of the collaborative: number of patients with diabetes as the denominator and number of patients with diabetes who have been diagnosed with CKD (as a proxy for screening and evaluation) as the numerator. Clinics will report this same population level data back to Comagine on a monthly basis to track progress. No patient specific information will be shared.

Email to apply or ask questions about this program. Space is limited and available slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.