Helping Countries Devastated by COVID

In India alone, the death toll is likely over 1-2 million at this point. Official reports show 200,000, but in a country who resources are stretched to the brink, the official tallies likely do not reflect the thousands who cannot get care and die at home.

We have provided a few ways to help and stay informed. If you have other suggestions for us to share, please contact us. 

Ways to Help

Vaccines: Go Give One is a COVID-19 fundraising campaign with no borders. Created by the WHO Foundation, the campaign calls on everyone, everywhere to play their part in helping to vaccinate the world. The money raised goes to an international fund called COVAX AMC, which buys COVID-19 vaccines for the world, prioritizing those who need them the most in countries that cannot afford them.

Supplies in India: Donate to CARE to help provide essential hospital services, more health workers, additional beds, oxygen supply, and much more.

Stay Informed: IndiaCOVIDSOS is volunteer group of scientists, clinicians, engineers, policy-makers and epidemiologists from the global community engaged in supporting the fight against COVID-19 in India.