Member of the Week: Dr. Anne Hutchinson

Practice: Full-time faculty at the McKay-Dee Family Medicine Residency Program–the best job ever!

Residency: Utah Valley Regional Medical Center

A bit about Dr. Hutchinson: Grew up in Beavercreek, Ohio. Bachelors in English from BYU; Medical school at University of Utah. Husband formerly worked as a funeral director, now as an accountant. Three sons and a cat and a bird. The cat has authored two children’s books, one of them about her experiences with the bird. I love practicing yoga, playing my harp with other musicians, learning about birds of prey and surveying nests that have been assigned to me to monitor (Utah Raptor Inventory and Nest Survey)…

What keeps you passionate about family medicine? The residents and the patients! We are all in this together and it is an honor to get to know people over time and both work through problems and celebrate successes.

What do you wish you’d known when graduating from med school? That FOR SURE all of this rigorous training was absolutely going to be worth it.

Where will we find you on your day off? Working in my garden, cleaning and organizing my house, watching my children skateboard, ride their bikes, etc (“Hey mom, watch this…”)…when those things are done (!) I’ll be on my own bicycle, yoga mat, in the hammock with a book, or cuddling my kitty.

What are you…
reading right now: The Eighth Day (Thornton Wilder) and The Seasoned Yield
watching right now: Arrested Development, The Office, The Chosen
listening to right now: Ajeet Kaur, Loreena McKennitt