Member of the Week: Dr. Stacey Bank

Practice: I am the Medical Director of the Intensive Outpatient Clinic at the University of Utah, where we see patients with complex medical and behavioral health needs. We work in an integrated care team of medical providers, therapists, and case managers in order to provide very high touch care, address social determinants, improve outcomes, and save costs for high-risk patients. This is a short film that tells the story of one of our amazing patients and demonstrates what we do:

Residency: University of Utah

A bit about Dr. Bank: I grew up in Salt Lake City and my family all still lives within 10 minutes of each other. After graduating from the U, I went to Georgetown University School of Medicine, then back to the U for my Family Medicine residency. I’m married to my husband Ryan (an electrical engineer) and have two smart and sassy daughters Nessa (11) and Cora (9). Two labs–Duke and Sully–round out the crew.

What keeps you passionate about family medicine? I love how our training prepares us to be able to care for people in so many different circumstances and in different phases of their lives. There aren’t many situations a family physician isn’t at least familiar with.

What do you wish you’d known when you graduated from medical school? I wish I’d known that the learning doesn’t stop with graduation or residency or the Boards. I think I felt a sense of “Ok, I went to med school and graduated residency and now need to know it all.” It can be really overwhelming. I wish I’d had more of a sense of, “This is what I know, this is where I can learn what I don’t know, and this is who I can ask for help,” earlier on in my career.

Where will we find you on your day off? Knitting, watching the Utes, cooking or baking, hanging with my family, planning our next beach vacation

What are you…
reading right now: Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King
watching right now: Better Call Saul
listening to right now: All things Springsteen (in preparation for his upcoming tour)