Nominate a Boundary Breaker Today

This year’s Utah Family Physician of the Year is a little different.

AAFP wants to provide the opportunity for chapters to recognize up to two members leading up to and during 2021 FMX. Keeping with this year’s FMX theme, AAFP is happy to announce Boundary Breakers.

Boundary Breaker Definition: A family physician who empowers their patients, colleagues, and community to achieve optimal wellness and quality of life.

This past year, the family medicine community overcame unprecedented challenges and emerged stronger than ever, proving that we can overcome any barrier when we join together.

Boundary Breakers have found innovative ways to shape a future where health care knows no boundaries. FMX is the place to channel that energy toward positive change and a healthier nation.

The Boundary Breaker social media series will celebrate the family physicians who raised the bar and moved the specialty forward.

Examples may include accomplishments in telehealth, practice workflows, overcoming COVID-19, vaccine distribution, advocacy, and much more.

We invite you to nominate your peers in family medicine to be recognized for their accomplishments! UAFP will select up to two nominees to be featured at FMX and one extraordinary nominee will be selected as Utah Family Physician of the Year!

Eligibility Criteria

  • Is a member of the UAFP and AAFP
  • Is currently in practice
  • Spends at least 50% of his/her time in direct patient care
  • Be Board Certified in Family Medicine and/or an AAFP fellow


Members of the UAFP Board of Directors, and previous recipients of the award are NOT eligible.

Nominations must be received no later than July 28, 2021.

Utah Family Physician of the Year award winners can expect:

  • The UAFP President will phone the winner notifying him/her of this honor. The Chair may wish to provide the information below verbally to the recipient.
  • UAFP will notify AAFP of up to two nominees for the national recognition by AAFP. These awards will be presented at the AAFP Family Medicine Experience (FMX) in the fall.
  • The award for Boundary Breaker and Utah Family Physician of the Year will be presented at the UAFP Annual Meeting on Friday, September 17 at the University of Utah Alumni House. The award is presented during the President’s Installation & Celebration Dinner. The award winner is asked to come to the podium to accept his/her award and has the opportunity, but is not required, to give a 3-5 minute speech. The UAFP provides an additional four complimentary tickets to the dinner (exceptions can be made for a larger number of immediate family members) so that the award winner may share this special presentation with close family and friends.

Please contact UAFP if you have any additional questions.