Volunteers Needed To Serve as Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Evaluators for University of Utah School of Medicine

The MMI is designed to assess communication skills, specifically verbal and nonverbal skills that cannot be measured by standardized exams or transcripts. The  MMI typically consists of four very short interviews pertaining to the following Teamwork & Professionalism; Compassion & Service Orientation; Motivation, Preparedness for Medicine & Personal Awareness; and  Social & Cultural Awareness. Volunteers meet via Zoom with applicants on a one-on-one basis to evaluate them based on their response to a specific scenario. 

•Evaluate 4-8 applicants on 2-4 Interview Days occurring on Mondays and Fridays through mid-January 2022 from 8:00 am to 11:00 am MST
•Use provided rubric when ranking Applicants post MMI interview
•Upload applicant scores in the secure Evaluator Portal for each interviewed applicant by 2:00 pm MST
***Volunteers with strong ties to an applicant (partner, child, sibling, etc.) planning to apply for entry into medical school in the current application year should refrain from participation to avoid a conflict of interest. 

If you are interested, please contact Michael Chen (michael.chen@hsc.utah.edu)