CME & Ski Update: Last Chance for Best Prices on Park City Ski Passes

Epic Day Pass prices go up September 4th- buy now and save big!

Planning on skiing at Park city Mountain Resort? Right now you can purchase Epic Day Passes for as little as $88 per day for an adult.* The prices will start to go up on September 4th and could be double that by February 2024. Unfortunately, UAFP does not receive any discounts on lift passes, so this truly is the best price you will get on passes. 

Want to ski at Deer Valley? While Deer Valley doesn’t offer quite the same level of savings for those buying early, you can still save by purchasing day passes directly through Deer Valley here. Deer Valley also accepts the Ikon Pass for those buying season passes. Whichever route you choose, Deer Valley does require reservations in advance to keep numbers down on the slopes. Please note that they do NOT allow snowboarding. 

Presentation Topics

We will have our full schedule and CME information in the coming weeks, but here are just some of the topics we’re looking forward to learning about this year:

  • Deciphering Tendinitis, Tendinosis, and Tendinopathy
  • Common Skin Infections and Wound Care for Family Practice
  • Pediatric Population Health in Primary Care
  • Priorities in Managing Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) for Family Practice
  • Dementia Diagnosis and Treatment for the Primary Care Provide
  • Midlife Women’s Health Update: A look at current research and changes in clinical practice
  • Obstetric complications presenting as Non-Obstetric complaints
  • Effective Evaluation and Management of Concussions in a Primary Care Setting
  • It’s not about the Food: Recognizing and Treating Eating Disorders
  • See the entire list of topics on our website!