Updates on CME & Ski COVID-19 Mitigation Policies

To start off; at this point we are still planning to hold this event. However, our planning committee made up of family physicians met to discuss enhancing our safety protocols and how to move forward given the present uncertainty around the virus. 

The safety of our guests and our staff is incredibly important. We have been looking forward to returning to this popular event since we last held it in February 2020. We know you have looked forward to it as well, as our registration numbers have remained strong despite the uncertainties. 

We will continue to monitor the situation here in Utah and across the country. Although there is always the possibility the event will be cancelled either by order of a local government entity or the hotel itself, the likelihood of that happening in Utah is very, very slim. Therefore we are updating our policy to the following:

  • Proof of vaccination must be submitted prior to attendance: All attendees will be required to submit proof of full vaccination AND booster, if eligible, prior to the conference. You can do that online here: https://utahafp.regfox.com/cme-ski-vaccination-information
  • Universal masking: High-quality masks (well-fitting surgical, KN95, or N95) must be worn at all times, except when eating and drinking, in designated event areas (the classroom and hallway where sponsors and food will be located). Summit County (where Park City is located) has issued an indoor mask mandate to expire on 2/21/22, however we anticipate if transmission is still high, that the mandate will be extended through the week of our conference.
  • Negative rapid test result required the first day of the conference: We will provide a rapid test for each conference attendee to self-administer on the first day of the conference. We will have additional tests on hand for those who develop symptoms during the conference, but will not require a test after the first day. 

What UAFP will provide:

  • An option to attend any portion of the conference virtually over Zoom
  • Disposable high-quality masks for use by our guests
  • A rapid antigen test to be utilized on the first day of the conference
  • Additional rapid tests for those who might be experiencing symptoms during the conference
  • Safer distancing between chairs in the conference room
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes for your personal use as needed

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Barbara Muñoz or call 801-736-0722. 

We appreciate your understanding and flexibility and truly hope to see you safely in February!

~ The UAFP CME & Ski Planning Committee